The Microsoft preferred solution for applications running in the modern Windows workspace 

Features of Legacy Box 

Rapid migration of Microsoft XP and Windows 7 16-Bit and 32-Bit applications to secure Windows 10 or 11 64-Bit 
Removes the need for legacy virtual infrastructure and associated cost and security issues 
Runs on Physical or Virtual Platforms 
Native Installation - No change to application code 
Full networking support 
IE and related plugins on a Win10 x64 OS 
USB pass-through support 
Secured by Windows Modern Workspace features 
Reduction in operational costs by removing the need for Extended Support 
Enables EUC compliance and security audits 
Reduce the carbon footprint of Legacy IT 
Remove the infrastructure supporting Legacy 
Accelerate cloud migrations 

Why Legacy Box

Some legacy applications are business-critical and still needed. 
There is no replacement application 
Software Vendor is no longer trading 
The in-House software developer has left your organisation 
Older applications are controlling or monitoring physical assets 
Need to retain access to legacy databases for compliance 
Re-writing the application is prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. Moving to a newer SaaS Model is not practical 
Not available 
Need off-line access 

Request a 30 Day Trial 

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