Migrate legacy desktop applications to the modern workspace 

Legacy Box What do we enable? 

Rapid migration of Microsoft XP and Windows 7 16-Bit and 32-Bit applications to secure Windows 10 / 11 
Supports IE and related plugins on a Win10 x64 OS 
USB to RS232 and Firewire for physical connections to machinery and other devices 
Works on physical devices and AVD / cloud environments 
Enables organisations to remove legacy Windows systems for compliance and security auditing 
Application desktop shortcuts for seamless integration 
Cost effective - No application rewrites 
Reliable - 100% success rate 

Legacy Box Who we are 

A group of skilled and accredited software developers working in the Windows application space 
Through experience and knowledge, we realised Windows 16-Bit and 32-Bit applications were still needed by industry and government 
These applications can be found controlling: 
National Critical Infrastructure 
Central and Local Regional Government 
Manufacturing Machinery 
Transport Infrastructure 
Door Entry Access Controls 
Financial spreadsheets with old macros 
Simplifying migration of legacy applications to Windows 10 64-Bit securely, quickly and easily. 

Legacy still exists because 

All applications are business critical and still needed 
There are no replacement application 
Vendor is no longer trading 
Re-writing the application is prohibitively expensive 
Moving to a newer SaaS Model 
Not available 
It’s not the cost of replacing the application 
Links to 3rd party sources 
Avoiding Microsoft Windows Extended Support for Windows XP/7this text to edit it. 

Legacy Box Professional Services 

Contact us 

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